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-club - a meeting place. I hope, at least, that this corner of the virtual world will be a warm and cosy club for Russian wives, fiances, partners, women and girls from all around the world, who add warmth to the lives of those near them, because from birth as Russian women our souls have been given a task greater than to simply exist in this world.

By choosing the name of this little isle in Internet "Russian Wives Club", I hope to create with all of you something more than simply another Internet site. I wait for your active participation and penmanship, and invite us all together to build our club, so that it would be possible for all to come here with their tales of joy, happiness, sadness, with stories of disappointment and success, and in order to find support and information to help you when you are low, which can sometimes be hard when you feel you are on your own.

In short, by creating this our world, we can remind ourselves that we are beautiful, clever, sometimes so sad that we cry, - but we never give up because we can take heart from this world; we smile, we laugh, we raise our children, love our husbands and partners, - or sometimes not, which can happen to any of us. But we are here to help to make this world a better place by adding slightly extra colour, making it a little sunnier, a bit more cheerful, a warmer place for ourselves and those close to us.

The club was born on the 7th of January 2003... and as of this day we have begun our journey to our future, which we are building together ...right at this moment - and this future can only be happy for us all... Welcome dear friends to our club...
Wishing you warmth and joy,
    • p.s. In answer to your previous questions, the RW-club is appealing to your spirit, and how you feel Russian in your heart and soul, and not to your passport details...

    • p.p.s. This club is already presented in the Russian language, and so I ask if you would like this English version to be continued and extended:


    Would you like to see the RW-club in an English version?:

    it is of no importance

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